Mission Statement

Carpenters for Christ is a Brotherhood of men who come together annually in the name of Christ to build churches. Only a fraction of the men are carpenters by trade, but all God asks us to do is to make ourselves available and he will do the work.

Carpenters for Christ got its start when a group of men from Golden Springs Baptist Church in Anniston, AL made themselves available back in 1975. Their names were:

Eddie Bush, Charlie Williams, Dewey Corder, Gary Taylor, Chris Dunn, Roy Temple, and Huffman Randall.

They traveled to Honduras to give disaster relief after Hurricane Fifi devastated this small country. Since then, the group has steadily grown with many regular members and short time participants.

We will accept at least one mission trip per year to help a church in need with their building program. We simply want to help further Godís kingdom by giving his children a place to worship and to bring others to the Lord.

We know that the body of Christ is the church and not the buildings we build. Which is why we "frame" churches and leave it to God to finish the building.